Medication Management

While medication can play an active role in trauma treatment, our psychiatrists are to help you make the best decision on whether medication is right for you on your journey to recovery.

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Our Philosophy on
Medication in Therapy

Medication management is a critical part of recovery. It is important that you are aware of a facility’s philosophy on medication when examining treatment options.

At Innova, we value the role that medication can play in therapy but do not believe it is essential nor do we believe medications are the only way one can recover. Medications are meant to help alleviate symptoms while greater work is being done to get to the root cause of the issue. Therefore, we do not place anyone on medication with the intent of them staying on “forever.” Many clients come to us with a desire to reduce the desire of medications they are being prescribed, which we are often able to do as treatment progresses.

Additionally, we have some clients who prefer not to be on medication. We support your right to choose what goes in your body. In most cases, alternatives are available in lieu of pharmaceutical interventions. We offer holistic therapies such as Vibroacoustic Therapy and Alpha-Stim which provide great results with little to no risks or side effects.

Our psychiatrists are well-versed in trauma and PTSD and will offer you the support you need to make the best decision for you and your recovery journey.

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If you would like more information on medication management at our residential treatment center, please contact our team. All calls are confidential.