Alumni Testimonials

Hear from our inpatient treatment alumni, and learn a little bit about their journey to healing through trauma treatment at Innova Grace.

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“There is no experience like it. I have been to multiple treatment centers and this is by far the best. Innova Grace is one of a kind."
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“I want to live now because of what Innova Grace taught me; that I am worth it, that I am capable of thriving, and that I can live my life with grace."
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"When Innova Grace Residential Treatment Center says that it welcomes you home, it’s a true statement. On the first day, I was scared because of stepping into the unknown. Within days after settling in, I felt like I was home, a safe home. For the following weeks, I was able to focus on myself to understand the trauma I had gone through, the effects it had on me mentally and physically, and ways I could heal from the pain. I was immersed in one on one therapy, EMDR, written and artistic homework, DBT and CBT, meditation, and different groups exploring various topics to learn the healthy skills that would help me cope with my depression and anxiety. It was like a therapy boot camp because of the deep immersion of personal work needing to be done to change your life for the better. The house itself evoked feelings of calm, inviting group spaces and comfortable essential living areas such as the bedrooms and common areas. It was a safe place to grow but also a safe place to fall during the hard times one must go through in therapy. Through the support of the Innova Grace Staff and fellow trauma survivors, I was able to start healing so that I could move forward by learning how to continue growing through the ups and downs of life. I don’t think I would be in recovery now if it wasn’t for the strength Innova Grace gave me. My life has changed because of Innova Grace. I want to live now because of what Innova Grace taught me; that I am worth it, that I am capable of thriving, and that I can live my life with grace."
“This program and the people involved in it have truly helped me change my life.”
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"I arrived at Innova Grace the day after Mother's Day. I told myself it was the gift I was giving not only to me but to my family as well. I spent 56 days there. Every day we had amazing groups geared solely toward trauma. This place was unlike any other place I had been to, there wasn't an eating disorder or substance abuse track. Groups weren't muddled with an eating disorder and substance abuse message while the trauma focus was just pushed to the side. It was all trauma, all of the time. Everyone on staff at Innova truly cares for the client. From the counselors to the nurses and even the chef and workout instructor! You are truly at home, loved on, SAFE, and cared for every moment at Innova Grace. When I graduated from the program, I had zero nightmares and flashbacks (which has continued since being home), had an understanding of why I sometimes do the not so helpful things I do, had a step down into outpatient treatment, and follow up appointments with the awesome individual counselor to help me transition back into home life. I have had zero instances where I have turned to maladaptive coping behaviors instead of using the skills I learned, have a vastly marked decrease in eating disorder behaviors (no trauma stuff, no need to use ED behaviors to avoid it,) and am sleeping 8 hours through the night with no nightmares. This program and the people involved in it have truly helped me change my life and live without hypervigilance, flashbacks, nightmares, intense panic and anxiety, feeling emotionally numb all of the time, and chronic avoidance of feelings. If you find yourself struggling to live with PTSD any longer and are just tired and weary, come home to yourself and let Innova Grace be a safe place to land while you do so."
“A completely life-changing experience.”
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“My experience at Innova Grace was one of the most amazing, healing and beneficial to my being able to live an amazing authentic inspired life. The staff was so willing to go above and beyond to help me believe in life again. I am forever grateful for and a better person for their kindness, patience and care. They changed my life. The skills imparted to me helped me to love myself again. I could never repay them for the gift I have been given. A completely life-changing experience. If you are hurting and feel that you can never get past the pain and despair caused by your trauma. You are worth it to give Innova a chance to give you the gift of living life again. Thank you to the staff and everyone who didn’t give up on me. I’m alive.”
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