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At our residential treatment center for women, you are not alone.

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What Is Innova Grace?

Located on a large estate in San Antonio, TX, our inpatient treatment facility provides a supportive and safe environment where women can heal from that pain in which life has brought. The staff at Innova Grace walks with you through your journey to recovery, providing support every step of the way, because you are not alone. Utilizing empirically proven techniques, such as EMDR trauma therapy, women can learn lifelong coping skills while working on changing negative beliefs.

Our Story

How We’re Different

Warm Environment

The setting of a residential treatment facility can aid in recovery as much as the treatment itself. Innova Grace is set in a remodeled home on a large estate, so it feels like home. Even the furniture was selected with comfort and relaxation in mind. Entering our doors for the first time, you will feel compassion and warmth.

High Quality Care

Everyone and everything we do revolves around helping you reach your goals through cutting-edge therapies. The environment at our residential treatment facility is set up for you to achieve success and is led by a team of highly-trained professionals. Deep processing and healing can take place through full-time support.

Insurance Coverage

We aim to reduce as many barriers to receiving care as possible. We have staff dedicated solely to processing claims and advocating on behalf of our clients for mental health services. Our inpatient behavioral health program is covered by most major insurances. Click here to see who the insurances we work with.

Now Offering Day Treatment!

Innova Grace is proud to offer a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for those who would prefer to return to their own home at night. Our PHP features the same quality of care as our full-time program and can be just as effective for the right patients, particularly for those who have already completed residential treatment.

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What Our Alumni Say

“The residential trauma treatment program at Innova Grace has truly helped me change my life. Everyone on staff truly cares for the client. If you find yourself struggling to live with PTSD any longer and are just tired and weary, come home to yourself and let Innova Grace be a safe place to land while you do so."
“I don’t think I would be in recovery now if it wasn’t for the strength Innova Grace gave me. My life has changed because of Innova Grace. I want to live now because of what this residential treatment facility taught me; that I am worth it, that I am capable of thriving, and that I can live my life with grace."
“Innova has become my family by choice. A family that I know I will get continuous love and support no matter what. Every day I become more and more grateful for the one who thought of and founded Innova Recovery. When I say that I have found a home, family, and hope for a future at and in Innova, it is the complete and honest truth. If I hadn’t found Innova back in April of 2022, I’m not sure I would be alive today. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Innova. All of this to say, I have Innova to thank for saving me and for continuing to be there for me when and where I need it."

Call for a Confidential Assessment

We know it can be difficult to share. We assure you that you won’t be asked to discuss your trauma at that time of your phone call. Our admission specialists are here to listen, learn and help walk you through the process.


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